Prices 30/5/17

With the Memorial Day holiday in the US giving the majority of the speculative community the day off we do not get any direction from the US futures markets today. Instead we have to look to Europe for guidance who are also down a player as England also took...
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Prices 29/5/17

US soybean futures hit a 13 month low overnight weighing heavily on global oilseed prices. Canola futures at the ICE could not crawl out from under the weight of soybeans even with projections of an exceptionally 2018 tight global balance sheet developing for canola and rapeseed. The nearby ICE...
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Prices 26/5/17

Lower oil prices appeared to have had a negative impact on US grain futures overnight. Worst hit was Chicago soybean futures which slipped to their lowest level since April. As usual the weaker soybean market rippled across commodities to produce lower closes for both ICE canola futures and Paris...
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Prices 25/5/17

International grain futures remained relatively stable overnight with slight moves higher in US wheat and corn futures while Chicago soybeans were unchanged to a tad weaker. The canola market saw the ICE contract slip a little on the back of a better CAD value while the Euro and Paris...
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Prices 24/5/17

The weekly USDA crop progress report has corn, soybeans and cotton all bang on the 5 year average for this time of year. This sent a slightly bearish tone through the market as some punters had expected to see a lower number in this weeks report due to continued...
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Prices 23/5/17

US futures markets were generally flat to higher. Wheat futures found support from the rain over the weekend. The HRW belt in particular needs a hot dry spell to bring the crop in and it simply isn’t happening. The N.D Wheat Commission will put out their weekly crop report...
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Prices 22/5/17

Chicago soybeans clawed back a slice of what they gave up yesterday. The Brazilian Real bounced, it managed to take back around half of what it lost the previous day. This gave support to US soybean futures and when combined with a wetter than desired weather map for the...
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Prices 19/5/17

I went to a meeting about how to use futures and options in grain marketing back in around 1999 or so. I remember one think that is ringing true about how a cash price is made, you’ve all heard it, futures + basis + currency. Well this guy through...
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Prices 18/5/17

Durum values in central Saskatchewan are still firm for 1CWAD with ex farm average pricing from pdq coming in at C$260.85 / tonne for 13% protein around a C$22 premium over their spring wheat bid at 13.5% protein. That compares well to the $33 premium we are currently seeing...
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Prices 17/5/17

A late rally in Chicago soybeans helped wheat and corn futures there off the lows and closed the session out relatively flat. The weaker US dollar helped values in the States but also saw punters heading to safer bets like gold and bonds. The US weather map is showing...
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