Prices 17/1/20

Corn, wheat and soybeans were all lower at Chicago. Corn was hardest hit with the nearby contract shedding 12c/bu (AUD$6.85/t). Volume in the corn pit for the session indicating a number of stop loss orders were probably triggered. The move does point the contract into more neutral ground on...
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Prices 16/1/20

There’s a lot of international news out overnight. Egypt confirmed they paid about US$4.00 per tonne more for wheat in Tuesday’s tender. Russia toy’s with the idea of wheat export restrictions and there is more trade analysis (WAG) over the US / China trade deal. The big loser in...
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Prices 15/1/20

Hard and soft wheat contracts at Chicago continue to move higher. This has a few analyst wondering what’s going on. The Minneapolis spring wheat contract is probably wondering why it didn’t get an invite to the party too. You would expect demand for hard wheat out of the USA...
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Prices 14/1/20

At Chicago wheat appeared to suffer from some technical selling after the lead up to last week’s USDA report saw the market now over bought. The USDA report held no significant surprises for wheat and as such the punters are conducting business as usual. Supportive news came from healthier...
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Prices 13/1/20

As expected last night’s USDA report confirmed the smallest sown winter wheat crop in the USA since 1909.  A winter storm is also pushing through the US Midwest. Although not likely to have a major impact on grain production is will hamper logistics in some locations. The USDA Wade...
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10/1/20 Prices

US wheat futures at Chicago found support overnight with both soft and hard wheat contracts closing higher. The punters are square old crop and are backing a big adjustment lower to new crop wheat acres in the states in tonight’s WASDE report. The spat between Iran and the USA...
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9/1/20 Prices

The offers are in on the latest Egyptian wheat tender. Russia has beaten Ukraine past the post but not at and FOB level, Russia managed to be the lowest delivered price thanks to some cheap frieght. The Russian offer came in at US$245.50 C&F. Romanian wheat was also cheap...
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Wheat, corn, soybeans, any of the US grain futures were struggling to find a pulse last night. The market dwelled on the tension in the Middle East and squaring up prior to the USDA WASDE report due out on Friday. The weather in the US in benign, a winter...
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With net weekly US wheat sales coming in at just 312.9kt the market used the opportunity to sell futures lower and reduce some of the longs prior to this Friday’s USDA report. There is also a little “risk off ” fuelling this market sell down after last week’s US...
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Prices 20/12/19

SRWW futures at Chicago remain overbought and as so are likely to come under continued technical pressure in the short term. Last night’s session was a good example of that. The USDA released an exceptionally good weekly export sales number of 868,600 tonnes for the week up to December...
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