Prices 16/8/19

Generally Russian wheat offers were flat to lower in overnight business. Egypt did pick up 295kt of Black Sea wheat at US$201.07 FOB and US$217.48 CFR which was a little less than their last purchase. The lower sales value in Ukraine and Russian wheat rippled through US wheat futures...
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Prices 15/8/19

At Chicago corn futures tried to bounce early in the session but gave way to further selling late in the day to close lower. This see’s corn futures for December shed 47.5c/bu since Friday, just under AUD$28 a tonne in three sessions. Talk of recession in the US created...
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Prices 14/8/19

All eyes remain on corn futures at Chicago as the selloff continued overnight. The demise in corn prices wasn’t isolated to futures values in the US with cash basis also slipping between 1 – 10c/bu. The move in cash does tend to indicate that the cash market is not...
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Prices 13/8/19

The USDA delivered a hard blow to those punting corn futures higher. The latest WASDE report that came out in the States overnight was bearish corn. Corn futures at Chicago were limit down after the USDA only reduced sown acres by 1.7million bringing the total US crop sown to...
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Prices 12/8/19

With the USDA report out on Monday morning US time it was basically the last chance for the punters to get their ducks in line. Most grains had a pretty ho hum session but soybeans did manage to find a little upside putting on 8.75c/bu, just under AUD$5 /...
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Prices 09/08/19

According to the guru’s the ENSO is now neutral and is expected to stay that way through the next 6 months. Condition in Argentina have begun to dry with parts of Buenos Aires becoming dry enough to get a mention in the international wires. Argentina had expected to harvest...
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Prices 08/08/19

In the US futures market it appears to be all about positioning ahead of next Tuesday’s USDA World Ag Supply & Demand Estimates report. The punters seem to be falling into line predicting reductions in both corn and soybeans. Technically Chicago corn for the December slot is approaching neutral,...
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Prices 07/8/19

A better weather outlook in the USA and trade concerns with China were considered the catalyst for those looking to sell futures to do so. Wheat got caught up in the technical selling and also finished lower. News that Egypt picked up 415kt of Black Sea wheat probably didn’t...
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Prices 6/8/19

US ag futures started the session bearish thanks to the China / US trade saga.  Soybeans will be the biggest loser in the China deal, futures for the oilseed were flat with outer month contracts closing a smidge lower. Corn and wheat futures at Chicago managed to edge higher...
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Prices 5/8/19

The bargain hunters came out from under their rocks to buy cheap US grain futures overnight. Wheat, corn and soybean futures at Chicago pushed higher against flat to weaker fundamentals. The China deal with the US continues to be a major concern and the weather in the US is...
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