Prices 12/12/17

More of the same in the USA, corn lower, wheat lower and soybeans also lower. Grain futures closed lower in spite of a weak US dollar. The dollar simply could not counter the bearish pressure from a slow export program and huge ending stocks around the world. To date...
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Prices 11/12/17

US grain futures were flat to lower in yet another uneventful session. There is simply nothing but stale news and speculation feeding this market at present, why is that different to normal I hear you ask, well the news is particularly uneventful and the speculation is generally focused around...
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Prices 7/12/17

US futures were flat for corn and softer for wheat and soybeans. Focus is on the developing La Nina which is expected to be weak and short lived. The dryer expectations for S.America is expected to result in greatly reduced corn and soybean production from that region in 2018....
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Prices 6/12/17

NCDEX chickpea futures were lower again overnight. There is convergence between the January and April contracts as the spread is now down to around AUD$76 / tonne. Converting April futures values to a price at Narrabri packers gives you a number of $680, currently the bid up at Narrabri...
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Prices 04/12/17

NCDEX chickpea futures were softer in overnight trade, slipping close to AUD$30.00 / tonne. Reduced demand in the nearby market due to traders off loading old crop stocks prior to new crop was seen as the major bearish influence. Profit taking from the punters was also a key to...
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Prices 30/11/17

Corn futures in the US found some support from talk of higher oil prices in 2018 and slightly lower than expected corn yields in the last of the US corn crop coming off in November. With first notice day looming the trade still have a fair volume of open...
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Prices 28/11/17

In 2016 the world said “grow more high quality wheat” at the time the world was awash with low grade durum and bread wheat thanks to a terrible season in the US but mainly in Canada. Turning the page forward to 2017 and the world responded, be the size...
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Prices 27/11/17

US wheat future set new contract lows on Friday night. Futures were under pressure from some terrible weekly US export sales data. The USDA reported only 7.3million bushels of US wheat were sold last week, that’s under 200kt. Resistance at 420c/bu soon gave way and stop loss orders were...
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Prices 24/11/17

The IGC came out with their monthly stab at the global grains S&D last night while the USA thought of roast turkey and a long weekend. Wheat production saw a jump of 1mt month on month from 748mt to 749mt. Consumption was raised 1mt to 742mt so the net...
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Prices 23/11/17

You can’t flog a pulse into a dead horse, the same could be said for the US wheat futures market at the moment. If prices go any lower the farmer bales out and physical grain can’t be acquired, if they go any higher no one wants to buy any...
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