Prices 16/10/17

The higher Aussie dollar will threaten to counter some of the overnight strength in US wheat futures come Monday. From the outside the strength in the AUD is perplexing, weaker retail sales and lower iron ore prices would generally lead one to think the AUD should be sliding if...
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US grain futures were generally firmer across the board on Friday night. Spring wheat futures at Minneapolis were the champion with decent grains across all months. Soybeans underperformed if you were to take the wires as your guide. Dry weather in Brazil, US yields tapering off as the bean...
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Prices 06/10/17

A combination of a weaker AUD and a better closing price on the NCDEX would normally see new crop chickpea values stabilise here. There is still a lot of speculation over Indian government internal support prices and export policies though and with rain in the forecast for much of...
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Prices 05/10/17

Indian chickpea futures stabilised overnight with the December contract closing a little higher and indicating Narrabri packer values should be around the $890 delivered mark for November. If we were to use NCDEX futures as a benchmark for outer month deliveries we would see that the January slot was...
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Prices 28/9/17

Indian chickpea futures for December continue to slide, shedding roughly $20 / tonne overnight on the December delivery contract. In recent days the nearby futures have also fallen as supply from CQLD eases immediate concern. Some punters are still calling the Aussie crop 1.1mt while others now have it...
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Prices 27/9/17

Harvest activity continues to put pressure on the US soybean and corn futures markets.  Wheat was dragged lower by the row crops last night but a weaker AUD is likely to counter any downward pressure US futures were likely to put on local values and besides there are bigger...
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Prices 26/9/17

US corn futures continue to struggle with the arrival of the new crop weighing on prices. Futures at Chicago were flat to firmer overnight. Soybeans slipped a little on the back of harvest pressure. The punters were expecting an unchanged condition report for beans but the G/E rating has...
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Prices 25/9/17

In the US technical buying saw corn futures move a little higher and soybean found strength from the meal market and technical buying. Harvest in the US is progressing well enough and the rally in corn is expected to be met with increased farmer selling on Monday. Storms are...
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Prices 22/9/17

The Aussie dollar was generally lower against the major currencies last night, the weakness should go a long way to countering the slight shift lower in ICE canola futures. In the US wheat, corn and soybean futures were flat to firmer. The softer US dollar played a big part...
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Prices 21/9/17

Bargain hunters seemed to be the driving force behind a move higher in US corn and wheat futures overnight. With wheat futures slipping over the last three sessions the market saw it as an opportunity to buy as concerns over winter wheat conditions in both Argentina and Australia grow....
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