Prices 16/9/16

US wheat futures shrugged off the better than expected weekly sales and export numbers and pushed lower. Corn and soybean export data in the states was about where the trade had expected it to be, mostly disappointing. Soybean futures closed a little firmer while corn futures were flat to...
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Prices 15/9/16

The dollar is flat, US futures are flat, the battery on my bike is flat. Things are less than interesting today. At least the market has digested the USDA report now and beginning to focus on other things, like a lack of export demand for US wheat. French wheat...
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Prices 14/9/16

US corn and soybean futures dragged grains lower in overnight trade. FSA data reveals that on top on the USDA increases in yield expectations for US soybeans we may also see an increase in sown area in the next report. The FSA also suggested that the area of corn...
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Prices 13/9/16

A fairly non eventful day in US futures considering it was a WASDE day. Wheat eventually came out a winner and soybeans a loser while corn was torn between the two. The weaker soybean market spilled over into canola. When combined with the canola data out last week that...
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Prices 12/9/16

The Aussie dollar fell from three week highs overnight. With US Fed rates likely to increase and Aussie Fed rates more likely to fall than go up in the short term the AUD came under some selling pressure late in the week. Good trade data out of China pushed...
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Prices 9/9/16

Market reports, I’ll rephrase that and say “Official” market reports, like those from the USDA, StatsCanada, ABARE, the big reports the ones from the guys that are supposed to be unbiased and up to date. The question is, do we put too much faith in them. I’m asking this...
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Prices 08/09/16

CME soybeans futures lead US grain markets higher overnight with corn, wheat and beans closing in the black. Heavy rain across the quickly maturing US soybean crop over the last couple of weeks is not helping the quality side of the equation although week on week the USDA crop...
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Prices 31/8/16

The Aussie dollar is finally showing signs of heading in the right direction shedding 0.85% overnight. This may go a little way towards helping local values combat a US grain futures market that appears to be unable to find a floor. The AUD was weaker against all the majors...
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Prices 30/8/16

They have had a good crack at the US durum crop over the last seven days. Quality is looking better than expected with early fields in North Dakota seeing protein as high as 14.5%, test weight, falling number and moisture are all very good too. Overnight futures values for...
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Prices 29/8/16

It’s been a poor week on US grain futures. With wheat collapsing overnight we see a new 10 year low set and that’s not adjusted to the CPI. Part of the decline in US grains came about when the US Fed Chairman Janet Yellen announced that the US was...
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