Prices 8/3/17

The Aussie dollar topped out at 76.33USC before slipping back under 76 and then settling into a range which finally saw it close out slightly above where it started at 75.88. The RBA left rates on hold but their spiel was considered more upbeat than expected. I don’t think...
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Prices 7/3/17

Wheat futures in the US were generally stronger in overnight trade, although there was some weakness in the spring wheat contract as old crop spreads begin to weaken and converge with new crop spreads. For example the spread from SRW futures to HWR and then to DNS futures is...
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Prices 6/3/17

US grain futures seemed happy to consolidate around current values overnight. The AUD made a slight recovery against most of our major trade partners so it generally countered any moves higher by some US grain futures. Canola at the ICE done well to place small gains, probably more to...
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Prices 3/3/17

Corn, wheat and soybean futures all closed lower in overnight trade. A night of mainly technical trade saw corn say within support levels as it failed to breach the 20 day moving average. It appears those who needed to clear CBOT March futures contracts have done so. Weekly US...
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Prices 02/3/17

More technical, non fundamental trade pushed US grain futures higher overnight. Trump rallied the nation in his speech that suggested higher interest rates are not far away and talk of heavy investments in local projects like roads and infrastructure will add jobs to the economy. There was also talk...
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Prices 01/03/17

US grain futures closed the session higher, a little off the highs of the day but firmer all round is a good start. The suggested changes to the Renewable Fuel Standards in the US may see ethanol blends go from a minimum of 10% to 15% and there is...
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Prices 28/2/17

With the expiry of the March contracts just around the corner we are seeing funds roll and liquidate positions as usual. This is not boding well for wheat at present resulting in some sharp losses in overnight futures. As you know a fund manager is unlikely to own a...
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Prices 27/2/17

Wheat found little love from the fund manager in the US session last night. Chicago and Kansas both closed lower while MGEX struggled but held onto some small gains on the nearby contracts to close the session flat. Weekly US sales for wheat came in at 451kt, bang in...
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Prices 24/2/17

Corn and soybean futures closed lower while wheat came out mixed in overnight trade. The USDA report showed American farmers are expected to plant much more soybean, a record 88mac, and cotton than last year as prices dictate acres sown. Corn area is expected to remain stable at about...
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Prices 23/2/17

The Aussie dollar is back over 77c this morning. The AUD is stronger against most of the majors including the Yuan and Indian Rupee. The strength was said to come from the sale of AUD$1.1billion in 11 year bonds. Some punters think the strength of the AUD maybe short...
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