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Dolbel Consulting can sell any grain you produce, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, the lot. With buyers for track, ex farm or delivered markets finding a home is not a problem.

  • Wheat 39%
  • Sorghum 41%
  • Barley 11%
  • Canola 4%
  • Pulses 4%

Why Choose Dolbel Consulting?

As a seller

Major buyer access!

We have a large range of buyers who are always looking to fulfil orders and willing to pay a top price to do so.

Local and overseas markets

We track and report on market activity and pass this infomration on to you. You can compare prices and work out the best return for your crop.

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As a buyer

Quantity guaranteed!

Whether it is single truck load or full vessel, odds are Dolbel Consulting has the contacts to make your accumulation experience simple, easy and anonymous.

Save money

Access grain directly from the producer at no accumulation cost to you.

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As a Service Plan Member

Get daily updates and market analysis.

As a member you will receive daily prices & commentary, text messaged price alerts, special market updates, Supply & Demand tables. plus crop tour reports.

We do all the hard yards with market research to save you time and get you the best returns.

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As a non-Service Plan member

You don’t have to sign up with us!

We offer a flat brokerage rate, for non members who simply wish to broker grain through Dolbel Consulting. This is available to anybody wishing to sell their crop.

Loyalty reward

As a “thank you” for trusting and using Dolbel Consulting to sell your crop, post sale, we supply you with a FREE weekly market wrap containing reports on overnight markets from around the world, domestic activity and market sentiment, emailed directly to you.

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Daily Prices

Crop Walk 12/9/16

Gunnedah Rainfall

rain and crops NSW

Rainfall for summer 2015-16 & 2015 Annual Rainfall


Rainfall 2017


Weather Data For July 2017

June 2017

Regional Outlook

Update 13/2/17

Extreme heat and dry conditions have persisted across much of the Liverpool Plains since the beginning of January.

Summer crops that were on long fallow and sown early appear to have completed grain fill prior to the arrival of the worse conditions in late January and early February.

Yields are expected to below average for sorghum. Late sown crops are expected to experience poor yields and possibly higher screenings.


Sorghum Production by region.


Some traders see export trade as higher as 350,000 tonnes for sorghum in 2017. With most of this product coming from CQLD and SEQLD.

To date ship bookings on the Graincorp stem report are onlt registering at 10,000 tonnes for sorghum out of CQLD depots.

Normal domestic consumption with zero exports will result in a domestic carryover of around 567kt. Exports of 350kt would result in a domestic carry over of 227kt. If exports were acquired from only CQLD and SEQLD it would result in zero carry over stocks in sorghum in QLD.

NNSW stocks would equate to roughly 228kt, spread across the region but predominately in the Narrabri north region with LPP stocks as low as 69kt without any export demand. So the million dollar question is, “is there really 240kt of sorghum being producing north of Narrabri this summer”.




Weekly Market Summary