Become a seller with Dolbel Consulting

Dolbel Consulting helps sellers as a grower broker, facilitating on sometimes hard to move commodities like pulses as well as getting the best prices on the more easy to move commodities. We can also be useful in cases where producers may just be looking for a quick comparison to an existing price.

After working in Ag Retail, Grain Trading and Accumulation roles with different entities across NNSW since 1985, Stuart understands what prices are available, where, and when to sell.

Benefits of selling with us:

1 Get access to all the major buyers (and few you have never heard about) with one quick phone call.
2 Because the sellers pays, you know Dolbel Consulting is working for you, with your interests in mind.
3 We have a range of service plan subscription options to give you the best service for your requiremnts. Check our Services page for more details.
4 Dolbel Consulting specialises in track and ex-farm grain destined for both the domestic and export markets.

We can create a Custom Service Subscription or check our current plans & pricing.View our service plans

Sellers' Enquiries

If you are interested in our services and are looking to sell, fill out our enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with obligation free current market rates and demand indicators.

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