Why become a Buyer with Dolbel Consulting?

Stuart Dolbel has been actively accumulating grain across NNSW since 1990 when the AWB agency network was first established not long after deregulation.

After working in Ag Retail, Grain Trading and Accumulation roles with different entities across NNSW since 1985, Stuart understands what product is available, where, and at what price.

Benefits of buying with us:

1 Whether it is single truck load or full vessel, odds are Dolbel Consulting has the contacts to make you accumulation experience simple, easy and annonymous.
2 Dolbel Consulting has access sorghum, wheat, durum, chickpeas, faba beans, mung beans, canola, barley and any other crops that ares grown in NNSW
3 Access grain directly from the producer at no accumulation cost to you, the buyer. The accumulation cost is now the seller's responsibility.
4 If you are looking to establish yourself in a region, contact Dolbel Consulting to organise your introductory meetings with prospective clients.
5 In depth crop progress reports and daily market summaries are available as part of our service plans.

Buyers' Enquiries

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