Prices 9/4/19


US grain futures markets were generally either side of unchanged in overnight trade. With local and international markets stalling we are starting to run out of drivers either up or down. Australian values on the east coast seem to be on a fast track to convergence with new crop values and we still haven’t really sown anything much yet, crazy times.

A quick look around the worlds weather maps and we see the last 14 days in the USA has been a little dry for much of western Kansas but this comes on the back of fairly wet spell so not a lot of concern at this stage. In the Dakotas and Montana fortnightly rainfall totals are also back a bit on the average but a look at the 30day totals indicate apart from a few spots across Montana it’s plenty wet enough. The snow melt has also created a few local issues in places.
The Canadian prairies is a mixed bag but generally the amount of rain over the last few weeks is a little below average but as with parts of the Dakota’s and MN the snow melt has supplied plenty of moisture.
Over in the Ukraine dry weather has allowed field work to progress but dryness is starting to creep into parts of the SE and NW into SW Russia. The main black soil regions of Russia is a little mixed but the drier regions do appear to have seen some good falls over the last couple of weeks as has Kazakhstan so we should see a good start to the season there.
Europe is generally a little dryer than most would like to see it with much of France and Germany not seeing good rain since the 25/3/19.