24/6/22 Prices

It’s taken a while but sooner or later the US wheat market had to come to terms that the punters got it wrong, and the prevention of Ukraine wheat exports wasn’t going to create a world-wide disaster. I’ve been on the other side of that narrative for a while...
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23/6/22 Prices

The biggest loser in the overnight markets was again oilseeds. Canola and rapeseed futures were smashed over the fence. The Paris Feb 23 contract was down AUD$43.57 / tonne while the Jan23 Winnipeg canola contract was back AUD$47.28. Cash bids for new crop canola ex farm SE Saskatchewan were...
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22/6/22 Prices

US wheat futures were crushed in overnight trade. Talk of a Ukraine / Russia deal to allow grain exports from Black Sea ports is apparently gaining momentum, if not in the real world, it is over a cup of coffee at the morning meeting of the fund managers who...
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21/6/22 Prices

With the US markets closed for yet another long weekend, market information is a little thin this morning. Unfortunately, the markets that did trade overnight are not sending a positive signal this morning. Both ICE canola futures and Paris rapeseed futures were sharply lower. The Winnipeg market has shed...
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20/6/22 Prices

Overnight wheat futures in the US fell away sharply. Come Monday we may see the move somewhat countered by a lower AUD here but the fall in the dollar will not be able to counter all of the fall in futures if the fall in futures is reflected dollar...
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17/6/22 Prices

The US will allow the sale of E15, lower-carbon ethanol blend petrol, to be sold year round.  The move was touted as an attempt to help American households save some money on increasing fuel costs. E15 sells for about 40c/g less than the standard E10 fuel. The corn based...
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16/6/22 Prices

Both Paris rapeseed and Winnipeg canola futures slipped overnight. Considering the overnight increase in the value of the AUD, the combination of both the fall in futures and the jump in currency could represent a fall of almost $25 in new crop canola values here today. The canola market,...
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15/6/22 Prices

It’s harvest time in the US hard red winter wheat belt. Progress is a bit stop start due to rain. The dry weather throughout winter and spring has yields very variable. Reports show yields from as low as 1.00t/ha to as high as 4.00t/ha. Protein is coming in average,...
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14/6/22 Prices

US soybean futures were the big loser overnight, shedding over 30c/bu across the board through to the Jan23 contract. Internally the US domestic cash market pre-empted the move, local basis there generally falling early in the day, this was a little regional specific though, those areas that are still...
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10/6/22 Prices

Severe storms were not just isolated to Nebraska and Texas over the last week, central France also saw its fair share of storms. The south-central region of Vichy saw up to a months’ worth of rain over a four-hour period. The storm also included large hail stones that destroyed...
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