Prices 30/9/16

US wheat futures were mixed with the higher grade product at Minneapolis closing slightly higher while soft red wheat and hard red wheat futures slipped a little before the close. Corn futures were generally flat while soybeans managed a slight improvement by the close after moving higher in the...
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Prices 29/9/16

US corn futures closed lower in spite of the USDA reporting a 1.577mt sale to Mexico. The sale was spread over this year and next year but with over 1mt still pencilled in for the current season in any other year it would have been a serious market mover....
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Prices 28/9/16

I didn’t watch it, I don’t care about it and honestly I thought it was a foretold conclusion, the Clinton / Trump debate. Seriously, the US financial markets improved on the back of her performance against Trump…….seriously…… They expect us to believe that Trump was ever in the running....
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Prices 27/9/16

You know what makes this job hard. The media, almost every story that hits the wires needs to be proofed now. For instance a headline today read “Russian wheat sowings threatened by dry weather”. So the first thing you do is cross check it to the weather maps and...
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Prices 26/9/16

US soybean futures eased in overnight trade putting pressure on grains and oilseed prices in both Canada and Europe. The slip in soybeans came from all sides, technical profit taking, better harvest conditions in the US and the announcement of a Chinese tariff on imported DDG. DDG is a...
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Prices 23/9/16

The punters are getting use to the stop start natures of the US corn and soybean harvest. Storms crossed parts of the central corn belt causing flash flooding in some location while in drier spots headers were busy stripping the crops. US futures markets were either side of unchanged...
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Prices 22/9/16

The US Fed left interest rates unchanged and downgraded the prospect of further rate hikes. The US Fed did say that they are keeping their options open for a rate change in December if needed just to balance the argument and keep the punters speculating. The Aussie dollar jumped...
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Prices 21/9/16

Wet weather across the central US corn belt continues to delay both corn and soybean harvest there. Illinois, Missouri and Iowa are the wettest with 2″ to 4″ falling in some parts of those states in the last seven days. Delays in corn are not as critical as delays...
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Prices 20/9/16

Russia seem destined to harvest a record wheat crop. At almost 90% complete over 71.2mt of wheat has been stripped. The 2017 winter crop sowing is well under way too with over 9mha sown so far, just over 50% of the expected area, the majority of which is wheat....
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Prices 19/9/16

There’s a lot of talk of more and more chickpea acres failing this week. Asco took hold of a lot of crops around the border last week and the disease has been able to spread very, very quickly. Talking to one guy and he tells me a 1000ac field...
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