Prices 29/11/19

Traders in the USA are probably sitting back wiping the last of the turkey and apple pie from their weary chins as I write. Thanksgiving holiday saw the US futures markets closed for the day. Generally the Friday following is also very quiet in the states as the punters...
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Prices 28/11/19

Jordan picked up 60kt of wheat in a tender overnight. Values were up a little on previous purchases at US$239.30 / tonne C&F for the first half of April 2020. CHS were the successful seller with just two other participants offering wheat well above the final purchase value. Ethiopia...
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Prices 27/11/19

Continued positioning ahead of the first notice day for the Chicago December contract this Friday remains a feature of the current US futures market. Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday will see much of the US market take the Friday off to make it a long weekend so expect the rest...
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Prices 15/11/19

It’s all about the Aussie dollar this morning. Slipping 1% against many of the majors yesterday it may see some upward pressure on commodity values out of Australia this morning. The unemployment rate increased to 5.3% after the biggest monthly drop in available jobs in 3 years. There was...
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Prices 14/11/19

US wheat futures gave back much of the previous sessions gains on the back of, well reality probably. Profit taking was active after the rally yesterday and all three US grades slipped, in some cases by more than the previous days rally. The USDA did reduce the G/E ratio...
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Prices 13/11/19

A combination of better than expected weekly export inspections and a cold snap in the USA has resulted in some good gains in US wheat futures. Technical support also helped, the punters had been looking for some good news after last week’s bearish USDA report. Hard red wheat futures...
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Prices 12/11/19

With the US markets closed for Veterans Day we turn our eye to the European markets for data. Milling wheat at Paris was a little lower closing the session for the December slot at E177.25 / tonne. Offers at the FOB level in France were closer to US$202. This...
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Prices 11/11/19

The USDA November World Ag Supply & Demand report was out overnight. Let’s have a skim over the data and see what’s new. By the way the market has responded I’d say not much at a glance. USA wheat production is back 1.13mt to 52.26mt, resulting in a 810kt...
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Prices 8/11/19

Lower than expected US weekly wheat export sales kept a cap on wheat futures at all three US exchanges overnight. Sales at just 360kt were not going to put wind in anyone’s sail and left the market going into tonight’s WASDE report oversold. With hints of reductions to Russian,...
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Prices 7/11/19

A quick look at the technical side of the market leading into tomorrow night’s WASDE report out of the USDA shows Dec soft wheat at Chicago is oversold, Kansas wheat is neutral, corn is oversold and soybeans at Chicago are neutral to maybe a little over sold. This may...
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