Prices 27/2/17

Wheat found little love from the fund manager in the US session last night. Chicago and Kansas both closed lower while MGEX struggled but held onto some small gains on the nearby contracts to close the session flat. Weekly US sales for wheat came in at 451kt, bang in...
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Prices 24/2/17

Corn and soybean futures closed lower while wheat came out mixed in overnight trade. The USDA report showed American farmers are expected to plant much more soybean, a record 88mac, and cotton than last year as prices dictate acres sown. Corn area is expected to remain stable at about...
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Prices 23/2/17

The Aussie dollar is back over 77c this morning. The AUD is stronger against most of the majors including the Yuan and Indian Rupee. The strength was said to come from the sale of AUD$1.1billion in 11 year bonds. Some punters think the strength of the AUD maybe short...
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Prices 22/2/17

Futures markets in the USA were generally softer overnight with corn the only grain managing to close in the black but a 1c/bu rally isn’t exactly the kind of thing we’ll be telling our grandkids about is it. The USDA will produce their Outlook report this week. This has...
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Prices 21/2/17

The US markets were closed last night for the annual Presidents Day holiday. In Europe we see London feed wheat a touch lower, Paris milling wheat lower buy half a Euro and Paris rapeseed is also lower, closing the session out at €421 / tonne, which is down €2.25...
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Prices 20/2/17

Bids for durum wheat in central Canada slipped away during the week, closing C$7.89 / tonne lower on Friday. The decline see’s CWAD1 prices at roughly C$266 / tonne ex farm central Saskatchewan for March movement. It would cost roughly C$115 to move this grain to a Free On...
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Prices 17/2/17

US soybeans lead grain futures in the States higher yesterday and lower today. Wheat futures in the US initially had soft wheat firmer with spring wheat lower. The momentum in the soft wheat contract turned for the worse later in the session resulting in losses by the close while...
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Prices 16/2/17

Talk of a US interest rate rise saw the US dollar firmer again many of the worlds currencies early in the session. You would normally see strength in the USD make US commodity values slip but the talk last night was value of the Russian rubble. The rubble has...
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Prices 150217

With ABARE increasing the Aussie wheat estimate to 35.13mt we did see a little pressure on US futures overnight. It goes to show that rain makes grain. The previous record of 29.91mt in 2011 was well and truly smashed this year. The ABARE report also upgraded production estimates for...
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Prices 14/2/17

Fundamentals across the USA wheat belt remain favourable for wheat production, warmer weather east of the Rockies and good soil moisture is likely to see the winter wheat come out of the freeze in almost ideal condition. Very early in their winter there was some talk of winter kill...
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