Prices 28/4/17

US wheat futures rallied on the back of reports weekend weather could slip below freezing as far south as Texas. So far this morning I can’t find any actual weather models to back up that media release but hey, let’s just let the punters run with it anyway. Temperatures...
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Prices 27/4/17

In the USA wheat futures continued to find a little support although in the case of SRW futures at Chicago that support only prevented further losses than the 1c/bu decline in nearby values. Spring wheat futures is where the interest lies. Looking at N.Dakota we see that as of...
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Prices 26/4/17

The US weather map had a big bearing on Chicago grain futures last night. Heavy to very heavy rainfall is predicted across a large slice of the corn and soybean belt mostly east of the Mississippi this week. The wet weather is likely to create some sowing delays for...
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Prices 24/4/17

The StatsCanada report basically told us all what we were expecting. Canadian canola planting are expected to be at a record level come June. A total of 22.4 million acres of canola is to be sown according the Canadian government. Canadian wheat area was also above the trade estimates...
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Prices 21/4/17

The US wheat markets had a reality check overnight, yep, the world is still awash with wheat, just like it has been for a year or two. The weather map in the US looks pretty good and realistically any shortfall in 2017 production in most of the major exporters...
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Prices 20/4/17

Wheat futures in the USA were weaker on the back of a good weather outlook for winter wheat. Wet weather is hampering the spring wheat plant in the north of the US but it’s still early days. Speculation the Argentine wheat crop could be as big as 17.5mt was...
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Prices 19/4/17

The US futures punters are not showing a lot of interest in the slow sowing pace for corn in the central corn belt. In the past we have seen new technology, machinery and varieties allow the US farmer to catch up very, very quickly and to worry about sowing...
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Prices 18/4/17

An almost perfect weather outlook for the USA and good progress with both winter and summer crops are creating the perfect environment for further fund selling in US grain futures and that they done. Funds pushed hard red wheat futures to a two week low while soft wheat and...
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Prices 13/4/17

US grain futures were flat to firmer overnight. The punters look likely to have used the dip in row crop values after the USDA report to get a few shorts covered thus rallying some values in the process, we’re not all about to get rich on the back of...
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Prices 12/4/17

Initially corn and soybean future fell sharply on the back of big S.American crops in last night’s USDA report. After getting up off the floor both grains recovered and managed to settle close to unchanged for the session, corn down only half a cent and beans off two and...
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