Prices 23/4/17

In the US spring wheat was the standout yet again. After fending off spill over selling from a sharply lower soybean market which also saw corn values slip away spring wheat futures managed to gain 7 1/2c/bu on the nearby while HRW futures were roughly flat. The soybean market...
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Prices 22/6/17

US wheat futures retreated a little last night after spring wheat set a new high in the overnight session. This is basically a technical correction allowing for some profit taking after the recent weeks. Fundamentally you would have to say that weather maps around the world are all tending...
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Prices 21/6/17

Spring wheat was clearly the standout performer in the US grains complex last night. Corn and soybeans closed lower as updated weather maps show good rainfall likely this week for the US corn and soybean belt while indicating it is going to remain dry across the durum belt of...
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Prices 20/6/17

Corn futures at Chicago were always going to struggle to continue to follow wheat higher. The corn belt in the US, apart from a little heat last week, is basically having a pretty good run with some parts a little too wet if anything. Soybeans are in the same...
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Prices 19/6/17

US wheat futures lead the rest of the grains higher in overnight trade. It’s more of the same, dry weather in the US spring wheat belt, dry weather in Australia and dry weather in some parts of Europe. I’m not sold that Europe is about to have a failure,...
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Prices 16/6/17

You know some day’s I just sit here and scratch my head and wonder where the authors of some of these market wires live. The first thing I read this morning is how hot, dry conditions in parts of Europe and the Black Sea are leading the wheat market...
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Prices 15/6/17

Spring wheat futures in the US managed to hold onto recent gains but heavy selling towards the close saw the market settle back 3/4c/bu. Rainfall across the spring wheat belt seems to be heaviest across NE S.Dakota, the driest parts in NW N.Dakota and NE Montana remain very dry....
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Prices 14/6/17

It was all about spring wheat in the USA again last night. As touched on yesterday, the crop condition rating had fallen sharply in the weekly USDA report released after the close of the day session in the states. The rally in spring wheat futures managed to drag soft...
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Prices 13/6/17

US wheat futures fell away overnight. Late last week futures rallied on the back of weather concerns. Some media outlets were reporting a heat wave was destined to push through the upper Midwest. I’m not sure who got that ball rolling, most reliable models I could find were not...
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Prices 9/6/17

Things are getting dire in the Dakotas, I was reading a report yesterday that mentioned they had received little measurable rain over the last two weeks……  -_-  .. You forget just how dry Australia is compared to other parts of the world sometimes. As you would expect with a...
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