Prices 31/7/17

US futures values although slightly lower for the week do appear to be consolidating around these numbers. Technically the December soft red wheat and hard red wheat contracts at Chicago are looking a little oversold so we may see some support creep back into wheat in the new month....
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Prices 28/7/17

There was a good mix of reports out last night, let’s look at the juicy bits. IGC, the EU equivalent to the USDA basically, came out with their monthly report that showed world wheat production at a four year low of 732mt. This is back 3mt on last month’s...
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Prices 27/7/17

There is a lot of disbelief from the US farmer in regards to some the US spring wheat tour yield estimates. Looking at some of the photos and what they have estimated the yield at I can understand why. Yes there are some good crops and yes yields are...
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Prices 26/7/16

The spring wheat crop tour is under way in North Dakota. As expected eastern ND is looking ok but those on western routes are seeing crops around 12″ to 14″ high with yield estimates around 1.2 to 1.85 t/ha. It should be mentioned that the major spring wheat area...
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Prices 25/7/17

Storms across the US corn belt will be followed by cooler weather this week but the mercury is still likely to settle around the 30C mark. Longer term it looks like the first week of August may also be a little dry for the central corn belt and the...
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Prices 24/7/17

The GFS weather map shows a few showers passing over the US corn belt over the next week. This was the catalyst for a spat of end of week profit taking in US futures markets overnight. Wheat, corn, soybean and canola futures all closed lower. The weather model shows...
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Prices 21/7/17

Heat is back in the forecast for the US which saw grain futures values firmer across the board in overnight trade. Corn is entering a crucial phase of development and heat is the last thing it needs at flowering. Kansas is expected to see temperatures into the high 30s...
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Prices 20/7/17

Predictions of a heat wave across the lower west corn belt in the USA this weekend supported row crop values while winter and spring wheat futures were slightly lower they do appear to be consolidating around these values in the short term. With US spring wheat harvest a week...
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Prices 19/7/17

The Aussie dollar is not working with us at the moment and according to some commentators we may well see it go much higher yet. Over the last couple of days the rise of the AUD had been contributed to a weaker USD, not much we can do about...
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Prices 18/07/17

The divide in the US cropping states is widening. The latest weather map picks some better weather for corn and soybeans while the hot, dry weather is expected to persist across the northern plains and SW Saskatchewan. As a result corn and bean futures at Chicago drifted lower dragging...
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