Prices 30/8/17

Chickpeas are firmer across the board today. Indian futures were higher by around AUD$40 per tonne overnight and many traders and speculators are expecting futures to finish the week somewhere between AUD$100 and AUD$200 per tonne higher. The trade in India is holding stock off the market in expectation...
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Prices 29/8/17

In India we continue to see both nearby and outer month chickpea futures increasing. The November contract was higher by roughly AUD$40 / tonne overnight which would make the latest price equivalent to around $1000 / tonne at the Narrabri packer. Just recently the Indian government increased production estimates...
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Prices 28/8/17

US futures were generally flat to lower overnight. ICE canola slipped as did Paris rapeseed but week on week Paris rapeseed futures did manage to close €5.00 / tonne higher. The move lower in grain futures was countered somewhat in the US by a weaker US dollar but outside...
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There are a couple of influencing factors in the US late this week. The Farm Journal crop tour looking at potential row crops yields, export numbers out of the US and the position of the market, which at present shows wheat as generally oversold. The crop tour reports are...
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Prices 24/8/17

The Canadian Farm Ministry reduced wheat production overnight by 1.1mt to a 5 year low of 27.3mt including durum. The reduction in durum production was 700kt taking total forecast production to just 5mt, also a five year low. Yields across the durum belt were reduced by 0.34t/ha month on...
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Prices 23/8/17

Chickpea values in India continue to move higher with futures trading at AUD$1080 / tonne late in yesterday’s session.  Slower supply from regional centres in Indian and talk of the Australian crop struggling from dry weather and frost damage has the Indian’s watching the supply side very closely at...
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Prices 21/8/17

International values appear to be trying to stabilise around current levels after falling sharply after the latest USDA data. Overnight US futures for wheat and corn were a couple of cents either side of unchanged while soybeans enjoyed a little more upside. Canola at the ICE was firmer by...
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Prices 22/8/17

US wheat and corn futures eased in overnight trade on the back of nothing more than routine US export sales and a non threatening weather map. Soybeans futures also eased a little for the outer months dragging both ICE canola and Paris rapeseed futures lower. Most of the punters...
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Prices 18/8/17

In the US soybeans bounced back after the USDA saw weekly export sales at 1.35mt. This was higher than trade expectations and when combined with further short covering resulted in nearby beans putting on around 8c/bu (AUD$3.80) by the close. The higher bean market and sketchy outlook for Canadian...
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Prices 17/8/17

The strength in the Aussie dollar isn’t helping the equation this morning. Overnight strength in metals and a weaker USD has seen the AUD climb by up to 1.5% against most of the majors. In dollars per tonne terms it equates to roughly -$2.73 in wheat and around -$1.15...
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