Prices 30/11/17

Corn futures in the US found some support from talk of higher oil prices in 2018 and slightly lower than expected corn yields in the last of the US corn crop coming off in November. With first notice day looming the trade still have a fair volume of open...
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Prices 28/11/17

In 2016 the world said “grow more high quality wheat” at the time the world was awash with low grade durum and bread wheat thanks to a terrible season in the US but mainly in Canada. Turning the page forward to 2017 and the world responded, be the size...
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Prices 27/11/17

US wheat future set new contract lows on Friday night. Futures were under pressure from some terrible weekly US export sales data. The USDA reported only 7.3million bushels of US wheat were sold last week, that’s under 200kt. Resistance at 420c/bu soon gave way and stop loss orders were...
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Prices 24/11/17

The IGC came out with their monthly stab at the global grains S&D last night while the USA thought of roast turkey and a long weekend. Wheat production saw a jump of 1mt month on month from 748mt to 749mt. Consumption was raised 1mt to 742mt so the net...
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Prices 23/11/17

You can’t flog a pulse into a dead horse, the same could be said for the US wheat futures market at the moment. If prices go any lower the farmer bales out and physical grain can’t be acquired, if they go any higher no one wants to buy any...
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Prices 21/11/17

There was a healthy lift in chickpea futures overnight. Supply appears to be tightening for nearby product in India if you can believe the market wires. This does tend to support the $91 spread between January and March futures contracts, with March being the start of the Indian harvest....
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Prices 20/11/17

In the USA we see corn, wheat and soybeans all closing higher at Chicago. Soybeans lead the market higher helped by a weaker US dollar and slow farmer selling in the states. Wheat saw spill over buying from the row crops, the higher prices triggered buy orders and the...
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Prices 17/11/17

Overnight Egypt picked up 240kt of Russian wheat. Offers were a little light on as would be expected after the recent court ruling determining that the government did not have the power to raise ergot standards from 0% to the internationally recognised level of 0.05%. In fact the government...
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Prices 15/11/17

Chickpea futures at the NCDEX were firmer again overnight closing up about AUD$11.00 per tonne in the January contract when taking currency into account. Combine this with the move higher of roughly AUD$18 on Monday night and it’s becoming apparent that the tariff on yellow peas in actually inflating...
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Prices 14/11/17

Indian chickpea futures for January delivery saw a jump of 1.9% in overnight trade, roughly equating to about AUD$18 / tonne. The major influence being firmer domestic Indian pulse prices as government import tariffs on alternative pulses increases demand for chickpeas. In the US wheat futures were lower with...
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