Prices: 28/2/18

Kansas wheat futures lead the US grains market higher in overnight trade. KC HRW May 18 was up 11.25c/bu (AUD$5.30/t) by the close with slightly lesser gains across the outer months. Technically the contract is overbought, it may have another session or more upside in it but the charts...
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Prices 27/2/18

It appears the funds are now placing bets as to which commodity will be the winner for summer crop acres in the US and the punters favourite appears to be soybeans and why wouldn’t it be. The funds appear happy to buy up corn futures in anticipation that corn...
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Prices: 23/2/18

After a series of lower closes since last Friday Chicago wheat futures saw some technical trade support an otherwise oversold market last night. Volume in the May contract wasn’t huge but we are seeing less activity in the March as it nears expiry. There’s a bit of news filtering...
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Prices 22/2/18

US grain futures saw soybeans close higher yet again while corn was flat and HRW shed a few more dollars. Soft wheat was a tad softer while spring wheat futures were flat to a little firmer in the outer months. The weather in Argentina is creating support for both...
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Prices 21/2/18

Chicago soybean futures were able to close in the black while both soft wheat and corn were lower. Spring and hard red winter wheat futures in the US also slipped. The stronger US dollar and technical selling hurt US wheat futures. Last week the funds picked up wheat but...
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Prices 19/2/18

Friday: They must be running a book by now on how long it will be before someone puts a bullet through that rooster in the US. Seriously, has the world gone crazy. Fancy someone paying the media to say something that’s not true, well, I’ll be. It’s right up...
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Prices 16/2/18

With Chinese new year celebrations kicking off and a long weekend in the US don’t expect to see much action on the international front. US wheat futures did manage to kick the trend of the last couple of sessions and close in the black. HRW and SRW contracts were...
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Prices 15/2/18

Chinese markets will be closed from the 15th to the 21st as they bring in their new year. This may see the sorghum market stagnate a little next week. In the US futures markets it was more of the same, flat corn, wheat suffering from some technical trade and...
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Prices 14/2/18

US wheat futures took a breather with corn moving in sympathy with wheat while soybeans continued to march higher at Chicago. The dry weather in Argentina was the key to soybeans while the main impact on US wheat futures was the lower outside market influence but the weaker US...
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Prices 13/2/18

The US dollar was weaker, crude oil was stronger, Chinese new year starts Friday and a long weekend ahead in the US. Reasons enough for wheat to have double digit gains in US futures, well the punters think it is and who are we to argue. A simplistic conversion...
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