Prices 20/7/18

In the US wheat, corn and soybean futures were higher by the close. Better weekly export sales volume from the US was probably the key to the rally but poorer crops across a few of the major world wheat exporters continue to underline prices at present. With soybeans, as...
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Prices 19/7/18

The stronger US dollar put pressure on Chicago grain futures overnight resulting in slight losses with markets closing either side of unchanged in a flat directionless session. Corn futures found support as some producers reveal proof that the hot, dry weather in some locations across the US corn belt...
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Prices 18/7/18

Production issues across the major global wheat producers was said to be the key to increasing US futures values overnight. Wheat, corn and soybean futures at Chicago all closed in the black as did ICE canola futures and Paris rapeseed. The North Dakota Wheat Commission (ND Wheat) weekly crop...
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Prices 17/7/18

Soybean and wheat futures at Chicago managed to improve in value after a series of lower closes over the last few weeks. Since the beginning of June corn futures in the US are back about AUD$26.50 / tonne. Offers for sorghum out of Texas are also back a little...
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Prices 16/7/18

US futures saw weakness in the corn and soybeans pits while outer month wheat enjoyed some upside. The outlook for a smaller global crop helped wheat widen the spread over corn but in a strange twist we also see the HRW contract trading at a discount to SRW on...
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Prices 9/7/18

Buy the rumour sell the fact, that’s what seems to be driving the US markets at present. US tariffs came into effect yesterday, potentially hurting US / China soybean sales, so what happened, well Chicago beans rallied 38c/bu (AUD$18.85). To make the move in US soybean futures even more...
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Prices 6/7/18

Weather problems around the globe saw the US and European futures markets push wheat contracts higher overnight. Physical prices were not as keen to follow futures higher but there are signs creeping into the physical market confirming things are not as good as some punters might be trying to...
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Prices 5/7/18

The US celebrated independence day overnight and on Friday they may well be celebrating China trade war day when the first of a number of tariffs are implemented on Chinese imports. The US soybean grower may well remember Friday as the day Donald Trump destroyed the US / China...
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Prices 4/7/18

In the US corn and wheat futures appeared to trade around the fundamentals of other countries like Australia, Russia and Europe which helped Chicago futures stage a slight recovery. Soybean are still focused on the US / China issue and with good weather in the US pushing production estimates...
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Prices: 3/7/18

US wheat futures gave back all of Fridays gains overnight. A short week, good growing conditions in the US and an overall lack of desire on the part of the speculator to wave his wallet around while the US and China decide who has the smallest…. hands… is stifling...
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