Prices 17/8/18

Good US weekly export sales of wheat helped their futures markets to recover overnight. With weekly wheat sales pencilled in at 803kt it was 300kt above the highest trade estimate. Corn futures were also helped with export sales of US corn achieving 1.2mt. Soybeans saw a mixed bag of...
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Prices 16/8/18

Even the major market wires seem to be struggling to keep a grasp on the current world markets. One headline today attributed the weaker US grain futures markets to the stronger US dollar and then a sentence later went on to mention that the US dollar was weaker along...
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Prices 15/8/18

Overnight Egypt picked up 420kt of Black Sea wheat at an average price of US$248.13 / tonne CFR for the September portion of the order. This equates to roughly US$4.00 less than what they paid back on August 2nd. The main supply comes from Russia through Dubai based Russian...
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Prices 14/8/18

Offer values for wheat around the world slipped away yesterday. Black Sea offers were up to US$6.00 lower while US offers were up to US$9.00 lower. Offers for APW FOB Western Australia were down US$1.75 to US$275. This would still see wheat coming around to eastern Australia unloaded and...
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Prices 13/8/18

Well, soybeans got crushed in last night’s US futures market, down 41c, that’s about $20 to you and I. Interesting to note the weakness in soybeans did not roll through the canola or rapeseed markets dollar for dollar and at the close ICE futures still manage a week on...
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Prices 10/8/18

US weekly export data came in at the expected range so offered little support to the futures markets. With a USDA report due out tonight CBOT generally saw trade positioning resulting in lower volume and weaker prices by the close across most grains. I was starting to think this...
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Prices 9/8/18

US wheat futures were close to unchanged by settlement after an early rally triggered profit taking and continued squaring up prior to Friday’s USDA report. The main fundamental driver for US futures is the ongoing dry weather around much of the world at present and the prospects that the...
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Prices 8/8/18

US wheat futures were back a little overnight. The AUD was also a little firmer. The combination may take the steam out of the local market a little but when you look around the globe actual cash offers are generally higher from most major exporters. In the US the...
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Prices 7/8/18

Ukraine came out with clarification of the memorandum that caused some market tension last week. Ukraine annually review the amount of wheat that is allowed to be exported. For the year ahead the volume has been reduced 2mt to 8mt. US wheat futures moved higher on all three grades....
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Prices 6/8/18

US soft and hard wheat futures gave back a few cents overnight but spring wheat found some support from less than expected Canadian yields. The punters at Paris thought milling wheat was a little overcooked as well and pulled a few dollars out by the close. The consensus at...
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