Prices 28/6/19

Technical trade dominated the Chicago futures market last night with most punters squaring up prior to the USDA acreage report due out tonight. Support for wheat came from StatsCanada reducing wheat area across the prairies. Downward pressure in wheat came from the latest IGC S&D report that increased world...
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Prices 27/6/19

In the US futures values for corn and soybeans were both lower on the back of some much needed dry weather being predicted for parts of the south central and western corn belt. Kansas and Nebraska should also see some drier weather allowing wheat harvest to move along. The...
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Prices 26/6/19

Canola futures at the ICE were crushed in overnight trade. The November contract was off C$9.00 / tonne by the close, January was back C$8.70. This recent fall puts the downside in canola futures at C$21.70 or 4.54% over the last 3 months. The November contract is still C$10.20...
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Prices 25/6/19

There’s a few stories keeping the wheat market on the defensive. Head scab in the HRW crop in the US, dry hot weather across much of the Volga Valley in Russia and east into the spring wheat regions of Kazakhstan. There’s a heatwave expected across much of France, Poland...
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Prices 24/6/19

It seems to have been a night of profit taking in the USA. With grains lower across the board. There are some weather models predicting warmer weather across parts of the US corn belt next week. This should assist what is in the ground to start to recover from...
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Prices 21/6/19

Delays in US corn and soybeans lead the markets higher. Soft red wheat and hard red wheat futures followed but spring wheat futures were softer. US spring wheat condition is pretty good apart for some dryness creeping into NW – N.Dakota and some parts of Montana. The seven day...
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Prices 20/6/19

The prospects of better weather in the US was one of the reasons markets were lower overnight, well according to one or two market wires they are suggesting that’s the case. I’m not sure what these analyst do other than imagining things while blowing the froth off their morning...
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Prices 19/6/19

Profit taking across the board in US futures, except soybeans, the late plant has the bean market on edge still. The big question with the US corn progress report is the base numbers. It’s safe to assume that the current crop planting progress is based off the recently amended...
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Prices 18/6/19

Soybean futures lead US row crop futures higher. The major concerns for corn are now becoming the major concerns for soybeans. Wheat has managed to avoid most of the major issues thus far but disease may play a major role as the headers start. Back to soybeans, further rainfall...
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Prices 17/6/19

Cash basis along the Mississippi continues to climb as barge delays are expected to last for at least another week. Corn was offered for sale from the producer at US$168 ex farm Nebraska. This signals a basis of around 28c/bu under nearby. Corn futures at Chicago closed out a...
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