Prices 30/8/19

Trump was at it again overnight, this time making promises to the US farmer about how policy changes will create a giant deal for the ethanol industry increasing corn demand dramatically. Corn futures at Chicago initially rallied on this rhetoric but later gave back any increases and some. With...
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Prices 29/8/19

Glencore was the cheapest offer against the Egyptian tender on Tuesday. Glencore offered 60kt of French wheat at US$193.86 per tonne FOB France. The cheapest Russian wheat came in at US$199.70 per tonne from Posco International. With the French wheat attracting execution cost of around US$23.70 if came in...
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Prices 28/8/19

Yesterday was one of those days where the penny drops. Some days I like to think I’m smart, other days I try to get out of the ute with my seat belt on. Yesterday was one of those day where I realised the seat belt maybe should have been...
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Prices 27/8/19

Chickpea futures in India slipped about $42.00 a tonne overnight. The punters were said to have been long futures so technical trade dominated the market. In theory this would make local chickpeas here worth around $680 / tonne at the packer. Indian supply remains good with 10.13mt of production...
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Prices 26/8/19

US grain markets struggled against the bearish influences of better weather and poor progress with China on a trade deal. China introduced additional duties on corn, soybeans and ethanol as part of a US$75Bn retaliation package to the USA. An additional 5% import tax will be placed on soybeans...
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Prices 23/8/19

In the US corn basis was generally flat as futures moved higher on better weekly export data. Mexico again featured heavily on the sales list with total sales adding up to roughly 420kt. In the Chicago wheat pit futures for soft and hard wheat were a little firmer while...
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Prices 22/8/19

After recent losses across most US grain futures last night saw a few bargain hunters out and technical trade support values. The weather outlook remains generally favourable for US corn and soybean production but the slow development of both crops in some locations affected by flooding that delayed sowing...
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Prices 21/8/19

Hard red wheat futures in the USA continue to reflect the plight of the trade finding it hard to market a low protein crop. The normal consumer for HRW is looking for a product about 12.5% protein but the soft finish this year has seen protein’s average in the...
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Prices 20/8/19

US grain futures closed in the red yet again, led lower by soybeans. The short term heat in the US is expected to give way to ideal conditions for filling summer crops next week. This paved the way for technical selling. Currency traders seem transfixed with the inversion in...
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Prices 19/8/19

Although wheat futures in the USA staged some kind of recovery after the demise in corn futures dragged values lower earlier in the week it was not enough to stop a week on week decline in values. Although SRW and HRW futures are now basically at the value they...
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