Prices 25/6/18

There are a few market wires kicking around this morning suggesting Chinese wheat production could drop by as much as 20% this year. A combination of drought conditions across Shandong and Hubei and then rain at harvest across Henan and Anhui provinces has resulted in a sharp jump in...
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Prices 8/6/18

US grain futures were mixed in overnight trade. Corn futures were flat to weaker. Soybeans were smashed, beans couldn’t take a trick, firstly better weather in the USA and then the Brazilian real slipping 2.4% in a day. The weaker real triggered stock liquidation in Brazil but on the...
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Prices 7/6/18

The trucking strike in Brazil may well kick off again as news that the new minimum freight rates the government only just imposed will be reviewed. The rates were pushed through quickly in order to stop a trucking strike that was crippling fuel, food and grain supplies across Brazil....
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Prices 6/6/18

Technical Tuesday also found some physical support with trades reported out of the Black Sea region. Thoughts that the Monday sell off in US grain futures was a little over cooked saw the punters taking profit and pushing the market higher in over night trade. US corn was placed...
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Prices 5/6/18

US grain futures were smashed in overnight trade. Combine this with a much stronger AUD and we should see new crop swap prices for all major grains sharply lower this morning. The US and China continue to play argee bargee. China’s stance is not exactly helping the Trump administration...
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Prices 4/6/18

International markets continue to focus on the improving weather in the US and Canada thus we see wheat futures continue to push lower at Chicago. Technically the December soft wheat contract at Chicago is relatively neutral. Hard red wheat futures are not much different from a technical perspective. The...
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Prices: 25/5/18

Technical selling was a feature of the US futures markets last night. Profit taking pushed wheat, corn and soybeans futures lower but nothing was really hit for six. Minneapolis wheat was the worst of the wheats shedding 7.25c/bu (AUD$3.50) by the close. Fundamental news in the corn pit was...
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Prices: 24/5/18

US wheat futures continued to push higher as dry weather in parts of the USA, Russia, Canada, Brazil and Australia continues to put a floor in values. We also see many major exporters chewing through ending stocks that had built up over the last couple of years. For example...
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Prices: 23/5/18

Wheat futures in the US managed to close higher in overnight trade. Corn and soybeans futures were higher but only marginally so. With temperatures increasing across the US winter and spring wheat belt those locations that are suffering from the dry will start to hurt. Large swathes of the...
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Prices: 22/5/18

Soybeans futures soared while wheat gave back a good slice of Friday night’s gain, corn futures were flat. The weather map generally tells the story in the states with the 7 days map showing some useful falls are expected across the central corn belt this week. The eastern cotton...
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