Prices 7/9/18

US corn futures found support from technical trade and ideas weekly exports should be good. Wheat futures on the other hand continued to fall across the board as the punters predict another dismal number for US weekly wheat exports due out tonight. Looking around the world we see dry...
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Prices 6/9/18

US grain futures continue to slip as the US dollar and good production combine with little international demand for the US product. Looking at cash bids around the globe we see some Russian offers increased overnight while others actually slipped a little. Egypt decided to pick up 60kt of...
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Prices 5/9/18

The only people the news that Russia do not intend to limit wheat exports came as a surprise to were the punters on the world futures markets who started the rumour in the first place. Longer term the Russian S&D sheet does appear to have a few discrepancies but...
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Prices 4/9/18

Hot on the heal of news that Russian wheat exports hit 8.17mt up to and including the week ending August 30th, that’s a 63% increase on the same time last year, comes yet another confirmation from Russian officials that they currently have no to limit wheat exports this year....
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Prices 3/9/18

US wheat, corn and soybean futures closed higher. The AUD is sharply weaker and global wheat offers at an FOB level continue to trade sideways to lower. In the US, futures were caught up in end of month, long weekend trade. Wheat dragged the corn market higher and soybeans...
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Prices 31/8/18

Well Wednesday’s gains in US wheat futures proved to be a dead cat bounce. This term always amused me, apparently a dead cat may bounce when thrown from a high point but it doesn’t actually get up and run away. The rally was based on concern Russia would implement...
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Prices 30/8/18

Fundamentally there is no fresh news justifying the significant jump in both US and EU wheat futures overnight. If you believe the market wires the rally appears to have been based off speculation that Russia will curb wheat exports after a less than perfect harvest this year. Yes, that’s...
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Prices 29/8/18

The international markets continue to see mixed signals for wheat values. We have Russian milling wheat values into Egypt continuing to fall away and we have EU yields being cut further. Egypt picked up Black Sea wheat at an average price of about US$241 per tonne, about US$9.00 less...
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Prices 28/8/18

US grain futures continue to see fund money being withdrawn for greener fields. The US share market responded positively to news the Trump administration had struck a trade deal with Mexico. The modified NAFTA agreement thus far continues to exclude Canada. According to Trump negotiations with Trudeau will commence...
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Prices 27/8/18

US wheat futures continued to fall, the stronger AUD isn’t going to help the situation come Monday either. Looking at new crop canola at the ICE we see the move in futures is a +AUD$0.63 while the move in currency is worth -AUD$3.84. In the US the wheat harvest...
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