Prices 17/5/16

Generally dry weather is expected across the durum country of the USA over the next week. This should allow for rapid progress in planting after some rain delays across the east of the region and will most likely see the last of the crop in the ground before the...
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Prices 16/5/16

US soybean futures came under pressure Friday night as the punters are betting some acres will be switched from corn to beans due to wet weather. The central corn belt in the US has seen some pretty big falls over the last 30 days, I’ll attach a link below....
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Prices 13/5/16

The lower close in the value of the AUD will go a long way to counter the downside in both ICE canola futures and Paris rapeseed futures. Canola slipped almost AUD$7.00 / tonne at Winnipeg but slippage in the AUD/CAD should limit local losses closer to $2.50 / tonne....
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Prices 12/5/16

Generally the US grains market was lower overnight after some big gains on Tuesday. Soybeans bolstered the market on Tuesday and soybeans lead the market lower last night. Not all of Tuesday’s soybean rally was given back, it’s a pity the same couldn’t be said for canola though which...
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Prices 11/5/16

Soybean futures at Chicago basically made everything else irrelevant last night. It was the biggest one day gain in the bean pit since October 2010, up 5.64%, 57.25c/bu, AUD$28.50 / tonne, any way you write it looks impressive. So what spurred beans to life in last night’s USDA report....
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Prices 10/5/16

With a USDA WASDE report due out tonight we saw funds try and square up a little of their huge net long bet in Chicago soybean futures. Volume was up in the bean pit with roughly 333,194 (1.2mt) contract changing hands in the session. Outside markets, the stronger US...
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Prices 09/05/16

The Aussie dollar is lower by 1.2% this morning, currently going through at just under 74c. Last night the AUD hit two month lows against most of the majors including the yen and the euro, not bad news for exporters at all. This all came about as a result...
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Prices 06/05/16

A spat of technical selling in Chicago soybean futures created weakness in both wheat and corn. Wheat futures had their own fundamental news to contend with. Crop tour reports coming out of Kansas are showing many fields in much better condition than expected with lots of paddocks now pegged...
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Prices 05/05/16

The European soft wheat crop just keeps getting bigger, it’s not quite as big as last year’s crop of 151.3 million tonnes but at 148.2 million tonnes it is not that far behind it. Ending stocks are expected to increase by 600kt to 189.1mt….too high. Saudi Arabia picked up...
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Prices 04/5/16

The Aussie dollar was smashed in overnight trade after the RBA cut official rates 25 points to 1.75%. About half the punters were predicting the 25 point cut so that left half holding a position they didn’t really want to be holding. The fall in the value of the...
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