Prices 27/10/17

The US dollar is stronger again this morning while the Aussie dollar is weaker against most of our trading partners bar the euro and pound. The weaker AUD/USD conversion will go a long way to countering any downside in US futures overnight and a weaker AUD/Rp should also, in...
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Prices 26/10/17

The AUD is sharply lower against most of our major trading partners today. Being -1.69% against the Indian rupee we should see some upside in local chickpea values here today. NCDEX Jan 18 chickpea futures were a little firmer but the move in the AUD alone could account for...
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Prices 25/10/17

Harvest pace in the US dominated the grain futures markets there last night. According to Monday’s crop progress report soybeans are now almost at the 5 year average pace so came under some selling pressure while corn was still well behind the five year average pace thus we saw...
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Prices 24/10/17

The funds continue to influence US futures values. Using weekend rain as the catalyst to square up some spread trade the funds cleared shorts in a number of soft commodities. Soybeans were a major benefactor of fund money with a net long being consolidated. Rainfall is expected to make...
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Prices 23/10/17

Late weakness in the corn and soybean pits dragged US grain futures lower by the close. Initially strength was found for both corn and beans after sales of 196kt of beans to China, and 120kt of corn to Spain were announced. As the session went on the weight of...
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Prices 20/10/17

Realistically the weaker US dollar probably had more to do with some higher closes in US grain futures than any other data. Weekly US export sales were generally a little above trade expectations with corn at 1.255mt, soybeans 1.275mt and wheat 615kt. Although the wheat number was 200kt above...
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Prices 19/10/17

It was a no new news night, with nothing to feed the market it followed the path of least resistance and at the moment that is definitely lower. In the US corn futures were lower on the back of better harvest weather before a line of storms develop along...
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Prices 17/10/17

US grain futures gave back a little of what they picked up late last week. The punters were pegging corn harvest at 32% but after the close the weekly crop progress report shows it to be closer to 28% (47%avg). With the good to excellent rating in corn jumping...
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Prices 16/10/17

The higher Aussie dollar will threaten to counter some of the overnight strength in US wheat futures come Monday. From the outside the strength in the AUD is perplexing, weaker retail sales and lower iron ore prices would generally lead one to think the AUD should be sliding if...
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US grain futures were generally firmer across the board on Friday night. Spring wheat futures at Minneapolis were the champion with decent grains across all months. Soybeans underperformed if you were to take the wires as your guide. Dry weather in Brazil, US yields tapering off as the bean...
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