Prices 1/7/16

The US acreage report was out last night. The punters had thought for a while now that the last of the corn would be switched into soybeans. Well that didn’t happen, in fact corn acres were increased from the March report. The US farmer ended up sowing 94.1 million...
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Prices 30/6/16

US grain futures were under pressure from technical trade ahead of tonight’s USDA acreage report and first notice day in July futures. The US weather map doesn’t look too bad either with some rain across the corn belt prior to temperatures warming over the next week or ten days....
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Prices 29/6/16

I’ve been watching the Indian chickpea futures market since the government there suspended any new positions or contracts from being launched. This was an attempt to flush out speculators that may be forcing prices higher. Fancy that speculators on a futures market, what were they expecting to find there...
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Prices 28/6/16

It was a mixed night on US futures markets. Soybeans were sharply higher, once again on long term weather forecasts tipping dryer than average conditions in the midterm. Weekly USDA soybean ratings were also back 1% in the G/E field last night so that will help fuel the rally...
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Prices 27/6/16

Currency markets are a little hard to predict at present, not that anyone I know has ever been able to predict them accurately anyway but last night was particularly hard. The AUD / Yen was belted for six, the AUD / Euro has the AUD stronger, the AUD /...
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Prices 24/06/16

The Aussie dollar is firmer, much firmer this morning. It’s up 1.4% against the US dollar and 1.16% against the Indian Rupee and over half a percent against the Euro and Loonie. With grain futures in the US also weaker in overnight trade we don’t need Albert Einstein on...
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Prices 23/06/16

The dollar is stronger against most major currencies this morning. The AUD / Euro was the least affected with the AUD up only 0.19% against the collective currency. Most punters are calling the Brexit a fizzer and believe that Britain will vote to remain in the EU while the...
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Prices 22/6/16

Reality has a way of shinning through. If you were long corn at Chicago the reality this morning is you have done a packet of money. Corn had spent a good part of the last month rallying on the back of one make believe thing or another. The latest...
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Prices 21/06/16

The soybean bus got a flat tire last night. It appeared to have run over a sharp looking weather map for the US. The corn belt should see some good falls through the next seven days. The Canadian durum belt should also benefit from some rain. The weekly US...
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Prices 20/06/16

Ok everyone jump back on the soybean bus, the rides not finished yet. Overnight Chicago beans were up 25c/bu. Futures volume on the night was also up around 25% on the previous session. The weekly US drought monitor had some shading in parts of the corn / soybean belt...
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