Prices 05/05/16

The European soft wheat crop just keeps getting bigger, it’s not quite as big as last year’s crop of 151.3 million tonnes but at 148.2 million tonnes it is not that far behind it. Ending stocks are expected to increase by 600kt to 189.1mt….too high. Saudi Arabia picked up...
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Prices 04/5/16

The Aussie dollar was smashed in overnight trade after the RBA cut official rates 25 points to 1.75%. About half the punters were predicting the 25 point cut so that left half holding a position they didn’t really want to be holding. The fall in the value of the...
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Prices 03/5/16

The rain across the US has had little impact on the sowing rate of corn and beans. Corn is still ahead of the five year average at 45% sown versus the average of 30% and soybeans are at 8% versus the five year average of 6%, so still early...
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Prices 02/05/16

The weaker US dollar helped Chicago grain futures close a little higher across the board on Friday night. The row crops also found support from wet weather. Reports of up to 8″ of rain falling across the lower Mississippi over the last 12 hours may see planting delays drag...
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Prices 14/4/16

After last night’s rally Chicago corn futures have regained all the losses from the USDA report that sent prices tumbling two weeks ago. Corn also found support from sharply higher soybean prices. Beans were generally higher from good import demand from China and thoughts that the rain in Argentina...
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Prices: 16/3/16

An early spring in the US has planters in the fields. Texas has sown around 20% of its expected area already. In the oilseed markets US soybeans closed lower after the Brazilian currency slipped after recent gains. Big weekly crush numbers did not prevent a weaker close. There isn’t...
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Prices: 14/3/16

Public holiday’s in both SA and Victoria didn’t help the cause any today. There were a number of traders simply out of the market today. Considering most head offices are in Melbourne these days we may as well had the day off here as well. As a result I...
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