Prices 25/7/16

Friday night saw US soybean values crash on the back of a mild, wet August forecast in the States. Corn closed lower but week on week managed to gain some ground but from the current level of values we need to see more than a few cents a bushel...
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Prices 20/7/16

It’s going to get hot for a couple of days from about Kansas south but further north across Nebraska and Iowa, the corn belt, temperatures are not expected to get much hotter than the mid 30’s before cooling off again on Sunday. The US forecast also has a few...
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Prices 19/7/16

US grain futures traded higher on their domestic weather forecast yet again. Hot dry weather is predicted for the last week of July. Now to put a shroud of reality over this we should probably have a look at the USDA weekly crop condition report that came out last...
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Prices 18/7/16

Fund managers appear to be very nervous about current global events. The attack in Nice, France, the developments in Turkey are all leading major funds into a risk off environment and back to the US in general. Grains have there own fundamental bearish issues as well with record crops...
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Prices 15/7/16

Is it just me or is anyone else starting to think that, a) The punters in the US can’t read a weather map and suffer from short term memory loss or, b) The people building the weather maps are serious futures traders. Soybeans led the US grain futures market...
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Prices 14/7/16

US markets found support from a hotter weak ahead. Temperatures across the corn and soybean belt will warm up early next week. Places like Iowa and Illinois are expected to see high’s in the mid 30’s while further south across Kansas and the HRW belt the mercury is expected...
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Prices 13/7/16

Just looking at the NCDEX chickpea contract for October, that guy who was trying to close out yesterday looks like he got his 20 contracts done last night at $50 higher again, that’ll teach him for speculating on a futures market. Who’d have thought you could use a futures...
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Prices 12/7/16

Wheat futures in the US followed corn and soybeans lower by the close. Initially the row crop markets tried to push higher on the back of a hot, dry weather outlook for the US but even that turned a little more positive as the day progressed. It’s basically too...
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Prices 8/7/16

US soybean futures were smashed again in overnight trade. Canola futures at the ICE didn’t escape and closed almost $20 lower on the night. The funds started heading for the door in the soybean pit early this week and with every good weather map that came out for the...
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Prices 7/7/16

Funds continue to liquid longs built up in US corn and soybean futures over June. The last three sessions at the CME have seen the funds net seller of these two US summer crops. Fears of La Nina have subsided as US weather conditions continue to be all but...
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