Prices 17/10/16

US corn, wheat and soybeans futures all closed the week higher, corn at a three month high and wheat at a two month high. Our local wheat prices closed higher, at about the same level they were back in mid August. The big news was the Chinese deal to...
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Prices 14/10/16

Was the move lower in US futures yesterday a needed correction triggered by the USDA report or was it a good old fashion bear trap. Well last night saw futures for wheat, corn and soybeans recover well wiping out the previous sessions losses. The thought before the release of...
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Prices 13/10/16

US markets traded lower once the USDA WASDE report hit the floor. After an early session rally grains suddenly shifted lower and closed the day out at the session lows. The USDA report wasn’t bullish, it wasn’t bearish, it was bang on what the trade had expected it to...
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Prices 12/10/16

The lower yields and area of this year’s EU rapeseed crop are starting to ripple through the markets. Nearby MATIF futures closed above €380 for the first time since June last year on Monday night and continued higher on Tuesday night. With dry weather hindering planting and emergence across...
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Prices 11/10/16

The US markets chugged along with funds creating the direction of trade with the absence of any other form of news either bullish or bearish. Funds are said to hold a massive short in wheat futures at Chicago, this alone should mean that at some stage prices are likely...
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Prices 10/10/16

US markets closed lower on Friday, not a huge slip but soybeans and corn did manage a week on week gain. Soft wheat at Chicago slipped almost 8c/bu or just under $4/t in our money week on week. Kansas wheat was the worst hit on a week on week...
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Prices 7/10/16

Soybeans and spring wheat futures bucked the trend set in corn and other US wheats to close a little higher last night. Good weekly export numbers from the US helped beans stage a late recovery and close in the black. Corn was lower on the back of a better...
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Prices 6/10/16

Corn and soybean futures in the US drifted lower on thoughts that enough harvest progress will be made before storms set in over the next few days delaying any field work. Wheat futures at Chicago found some much needed support from a 260kt US soft wheat sale to Morocco...
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Prices 5/10/16

US winter wheat futures continue to slip further while the higher quality spring wheat futures closed higher. The weaker AUD should be able to counter any pressure from US futures on our domestic prices unless we see the dollar firm quickly in the morning session. Heavy rain is expected...
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Prices 4/10/16

In overnight trade US corn and soybean futures were sharply higher while soft and hard wheat closed lower. Spring wheat futures bucked the trend at Chicago and managed to close in the black. This puts nearby corn futures at the best they have been since late July. Soybean found...
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