Prices 14/7/16

US markets found support from a hotter weak ahead. Temperatures across the corn and soybean belt will warm up early next week. Places like Iowa and Illinois are expected to see high’s in the mid 30’s while further south across Kansas and the HRW belt the mercury is expected...
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Prices 13/7/16

Just looking at the NCDEX chickpea contract for October, that guy who was trying to close out yesterday looks like he got his 20 contracts done last night at $50 higher again, that’ll teach him for speculating on a futures market. Who’d have thought you could use a futures...
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Prices 12/7/16

Wheat futures in the US followed corn and soybeans lower by the close. Initially the row crop markets tried to push higher on the back of a hot, dry weather outlook for the US but even that turned a little more positive as the day progressed. It’s basically too...
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Prices 8/7/16

US soybean futures were smashed again in overnight trade. Canola futures at the ICE didn’t escape and closed almost $20 lower on the night. The funds started heading for the door in the soybean pit early this week and with every good weather map that came out for the...
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Prices 7/7/16

Funds continue to liquid longs built up in US corn and soybean futures over June. The last three sessions at the CME have seen the funds net seller of these two US summer crops. Fears of La Nina have subsided as US weather conditions continue to be all but...
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Prices 6/7/16

If you were long US soybean futures last night you would have been wishing the long weekend never ended, your hangover was only just starting. Soybeans lost 5.3% in overnight trade, new crop beans lost up to 60.25c/bu, that’s almost AUD$30 / tonne. With the US summer thus far...
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Prices 5/7/16

According to some analyst the strength in the Aussie dollar is likely to be short lived once the Yanks sober up and get back to work. The AUD is stronger against all the major currencies this morning. This will not help ag prices here one little bit. There’s still...
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Prices 4/7/16

It’s a sea of red across grain futures markets this morning, apart from ICE canola futures, but don’t get excited it was a public holiday in Canada. Paris rapeseed futures were back €2.25 / tonne for the Feb 17 contract so there is every chance ICE canola will play...
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Prices 1/7/16

The US acreage report was out last night. The punters had thought for a while now that the last of the corn would be switched into soybeans. Well that didn’t happen, in fact corn acres were increased from the March report. The US farmer ended up sowing 94.1 million...
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Prices 30/6/16

US grain futures were under pressure from technical trade ahead of tonight’s USDA acreage report and first notice day in July futures. The US weather map doesn’t look too bad either with some rain across the corn belt prior to temperatures warming over the next week or ten days....
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