Prices 16/6/16

Chicago soybeans led the US markets lower overnight. The US weather map looks favourable for wheat harvest and corn and soybean production at the moment. The 8-15 day model has some useful falls pencilled in for the corn belt and rain generally staying away from the hard red wheat...
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Prices 15/6/16

Black Sea / FSU crops saw another week of good rainfall that countered higher than average temperatures in the east. In the west of the region rainfall was associated with cooler conditions. If the season stays wet and cool in the west it may hinder production prospects in the...
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Prices 14/6/16

It’s going to get hot in the US this week. Parts of the hard red wheat belt where farmers are busy harvesting or getting ready to harvest will be the hottest. Temperatures are expected to climb into the mid to high 30’s across much of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas....
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Prices 10/06/16

There was some downside in US futures in overnight trade. Technically corn was overbought and looking for somewhere to go. With a better weather map out for the States for next week the punters showed little hesitation in taking some profit. Wheat has been dragged higher by corn and...
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Prices 09/06/16

Improving commodity prices and a weaker US dollar saw the Aussie dollar touch on 75c in overnight trade. The AUD gained against the Canadian dollar too which will counter a large portion of the upside in ICE canola futures last night. The AUD was fairly flat against the Euro...
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Prices 08/06/16

With the AUD and the Canadian dollar sharply higher against the US dollar we may see some pressure on local bids today. Even with a higher close in wheat, corn, soybeans and canola futures. The AUD also firmed against the Euro, combine that with weaker Paris rapeseed futures and...
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Prices 07/06/16

Corn and soybean futures in the USA closed higher on fund speculation that the weather will turn hot and dry from the end of this week (do they even need a reason anymore). Farmer selling increased during the day which saw futures retreat from the daily high in the...
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Prices 6/6/16

There is currently a fair amount of speculation in the international market as to how much damage the winter crops in France have suffered due to the recent heavy rain and flooding. Market wires continue to chatter, even Paris wheat futures rallied nicely on Thursday, but only slightly on...
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Prices 3/6/16

It was all about soybeans at Chicago last night. Nearby beans surged to levels not seen since August 2014. Soy meal saw significant interest and pushed higher. The punters expect to see healthy weekly US export sales number for both beans and meal tonight. Without this confirmation this rally...
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Some day’s I simply cannot believe what I read in the market wires. This morning’s ripper is “US drought fears boost row crop markets”. Now to put this into perspective there has been concern that corn acres in particular would fall short of the USDA target due to planting...
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