Prices 10/10/16

US markets closed lower on Friday, not a huge slip but soybeans and corn did manage a week on week gain. Soft wheat at Chicago slipped almost 8c/bu or just under $4/t in our money week on week. Kansas wheat was the worst hit on a week on week...
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Prices 7/10/16

Soybeans and spring wheat futures bucked the trend set in corn and other US wheats to close a little higher last night. Good weekly export numbers from the US helped beans stage a late recovery and close in the black. Corn was lower on the back of a better...
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Prices 6/10/16

Corn and soybean futures in the US drifted lower on thoughts that enough harvest progress will be made before storms set in over the next few days delaying any field work. Wheat futures at Chicago found some much needed support from a 260kt US soft wheat sale to Morocco...
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Prices 5/10/16

US winter wheat futures continue to slip further while the higher quality spring wheat futures closed higher. The weaker AUD should be able to counter any pressure from US futures on our domestic prices unless we see the dollar firm quickly in the morning session. Heavy rain is expected...
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Prices 4/10/16

In overnight trade US corn and soybean futures were sharply higher while soft and hard wheat closed lower. Spring wheat futures bucked the trend at Chicago and managed to close in the black. This puts nearby corn futures at the best they have been since late July. Soybean found...
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Prices 30/9/16

US wheat futures were mixed with the higher grade product at Minneapolis closing slightly higher while soft red wheat and hard red wheat futures slipped a little before the close. Corn futures were generally flat while soybeans managed a slight improvement by the close after moving higher in the...
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Prices 29/9/16

US corn futures closed lower in spite of the USDA reporting a 1.577mt sale to Mexico. The sale was spread over this year and next year but with over 1mt still pencilled in for the current season in any other year it would have been a serious market mover....
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Prices 28/9/16

I didn’t watch it, I don’t care about it and honestly I thought it was a foretold conclusion, the Clinton / Trump debate. Seriously, the US financial markets improved on the back of her performance against Trump…….seriously…… They expect us to believe that Trump was ever in the running....
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Prices 27/9/16

You know what makes this job hard. The media, almost every story that hits the wires needs to be proofed now. For instance a headline today read “Russian wheat sowings threatened by dry weather”. So the first thing you do is cross check it to the weather maps and...
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Prices 26/9/16

US soybean futures eased in overnight trade putting pressure on grains and oilseed prices in both Canada and Europe. The slip in soybeans came from all sides, technical profit taking, better harvest conditions in the US and the announcement of a Chinese tariff on imported DDG. DDG is a...
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